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“Life is a game of inches; the margin for error is so small. One half a step too late or too early, you don’t quite make it. One half a second too slow or too fast, you don’t quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They are in every hour, every minute, every second of life said Al Pacino.

In today’s competent world choosing appropriate education at our appropriate Institution for one’s prospective career either at home or abroad is of very high importance. At present, there is atleast one member of every Indian family is pursuing his/her education at various universities across the globe. Studying abroad broadens one’s mind, career prospects, and network

Being immersed in another culture, understanding the differences and spotting similarities, and living experiences will have an impact on every international student. Hence choosing the, right place, right university and the right course is more important for everyone for his/her right future.


Campus-Abroad is India's first Overseas Education Counselling & Promotion organisation. Established in 1978, Campus-Abroad is the realised vision of one Man: Dr. C. B. Paul Chellakumar. Every year, over thousands of students across India, make their way to Campus-Abroad offices in the country. Their eyes shine bright, with the promise of an International education. And, its potential for their futures. Three decades ago, Campus-Abroad sensed that dream, and has playedcatalyst to it 8000 times over.

We, at CAMPUS ABROAD realise the value of every student’s time, investment, differences and their needs when it comes to overseas educational services. Our experience of nearly 4 decades helps individual students make the right choice in their pursuit of their dream of studying abroad by providing appropriate information required. Our services include Counselling, Admissions, Accommodation, Visa guidance and post visa situation.

Campus-Abroads mission is to impart high quality counselling to studentsseeking overseas education, guiding them to the appropriate course atrecognised universities. Beginningas the sole presence in the untapped realm of overseas education in India, Campus-Abroad has since grown to a global network of affiliates and universities. At Campus-Abroad, We have guided over our students - drawn from every strata of Indian society to viable study options across the globe.

In today’s competent world choosing appropriate education at our appropriate Institution for one’s prospective career either at home or abroad is of veryhigh importance. At present there is atleast one member of every Indian family is pursuing his/her education at various universities across the globe.Studying abroad broadens one’s mind,career prospects and network.

“It is no longer important what yourdegree/qualification is but from where you have earned it, matters a lot for yourcareer growth". Dr. C.B. Paul Chellakumar, Group Chairman,Campus Abroad, the Patron and Founder president of Association of Accredited Advisors on Overseas education


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